Introducing HYGH Global

HYGH is pleased to announce the launch of subsidiary company HYGH Global. Since its formation in 2018, HYGH has been working to build a global advertising network that connects advertisers and digital display providers to offer real-time advertisements in just minutes. It opens Digital out of Home (DOOH) advertising to a previously untapped SME market for whom digital advertising is financially prohibitive, enabling display providers to easily generate passive income in their store, hotel or restaurant.

As a subsidiary of HYGH, HYGH Global's focus is scaling up our display numbers even faster and creating valuable assets. HYGH develops our software and will gain market traction by building our infrastructure. In the future, all displays from HYGH Global will be attached to the Platform.

According to HYGH CEO Vincent Mueller,

“While we are creating the best version of our software through the developer team at HYGH, HYGH Global is dedicated to our display providers and advertisers, strengthening and extending our market reach internationally.” 

HYGH Global is headed up by Dr. Michael Debuschewitz. Michael is an experienced digital and consulting CxO who has built and run a number of successful internet and consulting companies. Starting his career with Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, Michael was the Managing Director and later chairperson of ZLU Consulting and Management, and a member of senior management board of pixelpark. He co-founded and worked as CEO for  PPV AFG, VALUENEER and most recently senden24.


Michael has a degree in Aeronautics and Space Engineering from the Technical University of Munich and a doctorate in Business Management and Machine Tool Engineering.

Michael comments:

“The Out of Home sector is growing extremely fast. Programmatic digital OOH will be a big game changer, enabling advertisers to fully benefit from real-time  business insights delivered by the new technology. HYGH comes with very ambitious goal to enable ‘everyone to advertise’. The leading edge HYGH marketplace will make a disruptive difference to the way DOOH Advertising is done in the future”.